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Passion for Moby Dick

Moby Dick:
We have been feeding Anifit for over a year because our Labrador is allergic to food mites and we were impressed by the concept and the result of switching to Anifit wet food. Our dog generally loves Anifit, but he has developed a special preference for Moby Dick. We like to feed it as a change from the other varieties. The food is very well tolerated, has a good consistency and smells pleasant. We combine it with the vegetable flakes.

Gourmet sausage horse:
The gourmet sausage with horse meat is excellent as a treat as well as a main meal.
In addition to his passion for Moby Dick, our Labrador has developed a fondness for this sausage.
Due to its firm consistency, it is very easy to portion and is also easier to transport as a whole on short trips than tins.
It is very well tolerated and is also enjoyed enthusiastically by "friendly" dogs. The sausage is highly recommended for a varied diet.

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