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Calmer hangovers thanks to Pro Relax

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Four tomcats are part of my life. Unfortunately, a tomcat reacts very anxiously in many normal situations. He doesn't like fast movements, loud noises or anything unfamiliar. I wanted to do something about this and have already tried various things. Even a visit to a veterinary practitioner did not lead to the desired success.

Your advert on the Internet drew my attention to your ANIFIT food and your other products. PRO RELAX caught my eye. I immediately tried it out and offered it to my cat. After just five days I was amazed at the positive change in my pet and I am still enjoying it.

Your ANIFIT food selection also impressed me and made me curious. Your three types of fish, the power potty and Puterich's delight were immediately accepted and well tolerated by my cats. Their stomachs and intestines didn't cause any problems. I was very pleased about that.

Brewer's yeast and chlorella are currently being trialled and mixed into the feed every morning. This product was also well received and very well tolerated.

Conclusion: I am delighted with your products (as are my cats, of course) and will be happy to recommend them at any time.
Kind regards
Andrea Toss

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