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Carrot flakes against diarrhoea

Dear Ani Fit Team,

I recently ordered Anifit carrot flakes because my dog likes to react with diarrhoea or vomit after an exciting event. So he is really very sensitive. The first time I gave him some of the carrot flakes in his food after he reacted with diarrhoea and his stools improved immediately and he no longer had any problems. I put some of the carrot flakes in a separate bowl (not that much) and pour some hot water from the kettle over it, mix it, let it swell and cool down a little and then simply mix it into his wet food. Now I give him carrot flakes in his food on the same day if something exciting has happened so that he no longer gets diarrhoea. Just don't be surprised if you feed him too much or a lot of carrot flakes and his faeces will look like this. It's not a bad thing, but that's why a small amount is really enough. And it has worked and he really likes eating it.

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