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Switch from dry to wet food!

Dear team,

We have been feeding our dogs Anifit food since 8 January 2019. Previously we fed them dry food, which was in the medium to high price segment.

We were paying around €60 a month for dry food. Now with Anifit we are at around €125. But it's worth it to us now. The composition has really convinced me. I was always looking for a food that my Dalmatian dog, who suffers from allergies, could eat. The dry food had given her bumps/pimples on her head, which are now slowly diminishing. She had red spots all over her chest, where it was also visible that fur was missing. The spots have now disappeared. Even my Labrador mix eats her food in seconds and she defecates less on walks. I also listened to a webinar and think the way the product is made is really great. No meat from factory farming, I'm happy to pay the price! Everything is explained very well and is very informative (in terms of dog food). The advice is also really good and you get prompt answers. I'm completely satisfied so far, I've been testing it for 3 weeks and I can well imagine doing something good for my dog with the food as long as it's financially feasible.

Yours sincerely

Dominique Kollster

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