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Gipsy's coat is shiny again!

Dear Anifit team,

I am so grateful that I was able to meet Anke.

I was actually pretty sure that the dry food I had chosen was really good for Gipsy. He was praised at the vet, good weight, healthy and lovable. But after 3 years, something inside me was upset. The food seemed so loveless to me. Dusty dry food every day. Even when I wanted to add some variety with water or a raw egg.

I wouldn't want to eat the same thing every day myself. Especially as I noticed that his coat looked dull. And his enthusiasm was also limited.

My dog is everything to me. And thank goodness I came across Anke Roski. Her explanation spoke to me. And now it was time to make a change. Everything happened very quickly. I wrote to her, got a call straight away and an appointment for a consultation. She gave me 2 hours of her time. She patiently answered all my questions in detail. Then my order was taken and a nice parcel delivery man arrived at my flat very quickly. For Gipsy, it was clear: Yeah, that's for me🙃🐶 And what can I say? It doesn't just look lovely and appealing. My dog pounces on his feast with joy. And his shiny, beautiful coat is clearly visible. He pooed at least three times on his morning walk with his dry food. And with Anifit only 1x poo. Personally, I feel much better! Thinking about doing everything possible for my furry friend.

Thank you dear Anke💗 and thank you Anifit💗

Best regards from Gipsy & Nicole

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