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Alma (diarrhoea and vomiting)

Dear Anifit Team,

In August 2017 I got my little Alma (Spanish for soul) a "Lagotto Romagnolo" girl. Although little known, this breed has been around since the 17th century. These dogs are correspondingly robust and instinctive.

As usual, the breeder gave us a bag of food and a small blanket with "Mum's" scent to take home with us. So that the changeover and familiarisation should not be so difficult. So far so good. But after a very short time Alma refused this food. What a pity - because I had of course ordered supplies straight away! But as soon as she realised that food envy was no longer necessary, she obviously didn't like it any more. She literally spat it at my feet! OK - I had to come up with something else.

So I went to the pet shop and enquired about good food! BARF (click) fell flat at first as the vet strongly advised me against it in the first year of life. My tendency was towards dry food. It's sooo practical - it's easy to store! You can buy it in large quantities and you don't have to keep stocking up. It's nice and light and easy to take with you on holiday. It's supposed to be good for the teeth and to combat the dreaded (because painful) blockage of the anal glands, etc. Alma was also used to dry food. Well, she didn't like the first one, but that didn't have to apply to all varieties! Over time, I tried all sorts of different types and brands. All supposedly of high quality - because they were expensive. Just premium food! Of course, I only wanted to feed my little furry friend the best. But she always spat it out at my feet after a short time and spurned it. This was the first time my instinct failed miserably!

Well, tinned food it is. Maybe she just doesn't like dry food, I thought. So: "the same pocedure as..." I tried high-quality tinned food from various manufacturers and flavours. The same thing over and over again After a very short time, she only ate with reluctance and for the purpose of maintaining her life. Well-meant advice such as: "You can train a spoilt dog, leave it, when she's hungry she'll eat, etc. didn't get us any further. And fortunately I didn't want to listen to them either. After all, a dog needs its good nutrients just as much as we humans do in order to be healthy and happy. This might have only led to me depriving her of an important instinct.

To make matters worse, we were constantly at the vet. She was constantly plagued by diarrhoea and vomiting, alternating with severe constipation and flatulence. When we were out in the woods, she ate everything she could get her hands on. Horse manure, dog poo etc. and no puddle in the forest was safe from her. Of course - you get all kinds of pathogens and parasites there! And again she was ill and was given antibiotics and then her bowel had to be reorganised. I was also constantly cooking the famous Moro carrot soup (click) and then had to feed her a light diet. It was all very unpleasant, expensive, time-consuming and extremely stressful and painful for the dog. My instinct almost failed across the board. I listened to the good advice of other dog owners, specialist sellers and vets. What I didn't listen to was my common sense and my little Alma's instinct. The turning point came when I met a lady at a dog fair who "also" told me something about species-appropriate animal nutrition. The difference: there was finally a hard-hitting fact check (click) that woke up my common sense.

So, admittedly still sceptical, I bought a trial pack for Alma from her and am still amazed at what happened. My little fur nose eats her food with growing enthusiasm. She literally pounces on it. I didn't know that at all. I had accepted it as "God-given" that she is not a typical dog that eats until the bowl is empty. After a short period of detoxing, she smells completely different, even from her mouth. Her faeces have normalised. Small, well-formed poo is now the order of the day. Without residues that smell unpleasant and would stick her fur around the anus. No more flatulence. No more vomiting or diarrhoea since we changed her diet.

When we go into the woods nowadays, they don't care about other dog poo and horse manure is only very rarely of interest. The same goes for puddles. Overall, she is much more balanced and content. Incidentally, this behaviour surprised me the most. My conclusion: Obviously her instinct was to try to get what she lacked in her previous diet from the faeces of other animals and the puddle water in the forest.


  • Fortunately, I wasn't able to teach Alma to follow her own instincts. She clearly showed me that it is good and right to follow natural instinct and fortunately "forced" me to use my brain. So that it was finally good for her.
  • We both (Alma and I) love this new food and can recommend it without reservation. It saves us a lot of time, worry and money. And it helps us to ensure Alma's well-being and good health.

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