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Leroy (dark circles)





Dear Anifit team,

Since the dog party in August last year, my grandchildren (one long-haired, two short-haired huahuas) Epy (13 years), Otis (8 years) and Leroy (7 years) have been enthusiastic Provital (fr)eaters. The "Golden Ox" and the "Cock" are particularly popular, and the Anifit treats such as turkey breast bites, chicken gizzards and premium turkey sticks are also much sought-after snacks between meals.

A pleasant side effect of the healthy and tasty dog food is that Leroy used to have thick black circles under his eyes, which - as you can see in the photo - have completely disappeared. Of course, we are particularly pleased because his sweet face is "flawless" again.

A big thank you to Mrs Nahnsen for arranging the prompt deliveries - both to my daughter and to me - and the loving care of our three furry friends.
care of our three fur noses :-)))

With best regards

Angelika Merio

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