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Small Yorki with severe liver failure





Hello dear Anifit team,

I would like to thank you for the very informative discussion. As I already wrote in the post below, I have a little Yorki. She has been very ill for over 14 months. Severe liver insufficiency and PLE. For a long time I was looking for a diet that she could tolerate and due to her PLE she lost weight so often that it was very difficult to decide what to feed her. Her coat was dull and full of dandruff and the skin on her back was always reddened. Her belly was almost black in colour and looked like parchment. The faeces were covered with colon mucosa. It's really desperate when you as the owner try everything and still have to watch how the little one suffers and nothing helps. In the meantime I have learnt that what I feed is the beginning of all evil and is partly responsible for the disease not getting better. I came across this site by chance and was given very good advice. I took the recommendation to try it and I can report success. The faeces have become very good No more colon mucosa (I didn't even know that you could be so happy about a poo from your furry friend). The discoloured parchment skin is almost gone. The dandruff is disappearing and the reddened skin on his back is as it should be. I have written this because I am really happy that my little one is feeling better again. She is still sick but now we have found a way that she can live with it.

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