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Brewer's yeast & chlorella helped us!


I have a 7 year old Pekingese mix Cookie who has had a lot of problems with his anal glands recently.

Under anaesthetic during dental treatment, an anal sac had to be treated with antibiotics and then the vet came to us twice more and had to squeeze out the anal sac again and again (very painful).

As I had heard of Anifit in the past, I came across Britta via WhatsApp.

She took a lot of time for me and my fears about my dog and gave me great advice right from the start, no matter what questions I had.

Since then, my Cookie has been given Thanksgivingday, which he really likes and tolerates very well, and Anifit Brewer's Yeast Chlorella in the morning to support him.

So far he has no more problems with his anal sacs and his coat and skin look nice and shiny.

Output is also great and the high meat content of Anifit means that the poo is smaller.

I would like to thank Britta most sincerely for the great support and advice and I now only use Anifit food in my dog's bowl.

Clear purchase recommendation for quality delivery and support via a dedicated consultant.many thanks L.Hudetz with Cookie

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