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Anifit on the recommendation of the vet

Hello Anifit team,

On the recommendation of my vet, I was able to give my 17 year old cats

successfully switched to Anifit wet food.

I have always paid attention to high-quality food and previously fed Lucky Kitty, for example.

Unfortunately, at some point Ginger and Mikesch no longer liked eating it.

Out of desperation, I fed my dog "Whiskas" and "Gourmet" for a few weeks,

which led to Ginger having 4-5 bowel movements a day and these were extremely smelly.

My vet explained to me that the cat can hardly utilise any of this food and

therefore everything is excreted "unused".

It took about 4 weeks to switch to Anifit, but now they are both eating it.

I particularly like the varieties "DÉLICE DE COEUR", "PUTERICHS DELIGHT" and "POWERTÖPFCHEN".

Ginger's bowel movements improved immediately and are now twice a day.

I also give them some Anifit dry food from time to time for a change,

which is then accepted with pleasure.

I hope it stays that way for a very long time...

Kind regards

Stefan Stanev

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