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Cat Frieda with severe food allergy

Dear Anifit team,

Around 3½ years ago, a completely terrified cat was sitting under a tree in a small wooded area, screaming its head off. It had obviously been abandoned there. A severe food allergy was probably the reason.

Now little Frieda was with us. At first she strictly refused Anifit, she must have been very focussed on dry food, because she reacted immediately to rustling and was there straight away. After five days of consistent changeover, she gradually began to accept the Anifit food. However, she began to scratch herself and was also terribly nervous. Bleeding wounds spread across her face. Her ears were made of raw flesh, she had scratched herself so badly. There were black "sand men" in her eyes and nose. She had probably previously been treated with antibiotics or cortisone, the effect of which had gradually worn off, causing this severe skin reaction to break out.

After about 3 months, the last crust on her chin fell off. Since then she has had a beautiful fluffy coat, clear eyes and a pink nose. Her temperament is now calm and balanced, thanks to a healthy diet of Anifit. Every now and then she gets a raw chicken wing for dental care.

Helga Nahnsen

Vienna, April 2018

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