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Baby (overweight)


Dear Anifit Team,

Baby, our little cat is about 8 years old and has run away. When he was about ½ year old, he went from house to house at Christmas time. He found a home with us. Baby had a healthy appetite right from the start. The food bowls were and are licked out meticulously; not a crumb is left in them. However, Baby also has a weight problem as he is always hungry.

The dry diet food prescribed by the doctor has not been successful. Baby was never really full. Then, while on holiday, I read a vet's book "Dogs would live longer" (cats too, of course) and was horrified. I then went in search of a healthy cat food. The owner of the boarding kennel where Baby was spending our holiday drew my attention to Anifit. No sooner said than done. Baby immediately "gorged himself" on his portion of Anifit food and there was nothing left over. We realised straight away that baby was full and satisfied. Baby has breakfast at around 7.30am and then goes for a walk around the garden, only in good weather of course, after which he awaits his 2nd breakfast. Again he gets Anifit. Then again at lunchtime and in the evening, Baby maintains his weight, which was not possible before. He also gets Anifit treats in between.

All in all, we have a happy cat who is not putting on any more weight.

Thank you very much!

Gabriele Asseburg-Schwali

April 2013

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