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Mira shines again!





Dear Anifit team,

I first heard about AniFit from my dog groomer, who told me about the food and suggested that I feed it to make grooming less problematic. At that time, our Maja could hardly be brushed because it pinched and tweaked.

I was very sceptical at first and wondered what was supposed to be different about this food, especially as I thought I was feeding a very high-quality wet food. I tried it anyway and I have to say it's just great. Our Mira loves it. When she sees the tin she jumps for joy. Her coat feels really good (softer and shinier) and the best thing is that she has virtually no tangles. And if there is one, it can be easily brushed out. This wasn't the case before and she always had to be clipped short. Her coat is shiny, feels great and she simply looks healthy. I can only recommend the food to everyone!

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