Picco Train Perfect training treats

Picco Train 500g (1 Piece)
Picco Train 500g (1 Piece)
Picco Train 500g (1 Piece)
Picco Train 500g (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 500g
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The Picco Train treat combines a number of enticing ingredients: It is mainly made up of fish with the addition of potatoes.

The combination of these two ingredients ensures that Picco Train can be enjoyed by both cats and dogs.

Free from preservatives, flavourings and colourings.

Picco Train is small and can be easily administered and eaten without interrupting the dog’s training.

Feeding recommendation

To be given as a treat as required


80 % freshly prepared and carefully cooked (salmon, trout, white fish), 20 % potato (potato and sweet potato)

Ingredient profile

30 % raw protein, 17.5 % raw oils and fats, 2 % raw fibre, 6.5 % crude ash

Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats

500g pouch

What our clients say

Bravos (eitrige Nekrosen,Durchfall und stumpfes Fell) Von Trocken auf Nassfutter Erfahrungsbericht von Charly, Mila und Matilda Lola liebt das Futter Agil durch Anifit Lola liebt Picco Train
Trainingserfolge mit Picco Train Spike geht es mit den Karottenflocken viel besser Lizzy liebt Picco Train Super Trainingsleckerli Finchen liebt unsere Snacks Ein schöner Knabberspass.
Bono liebt Anifit