Pro Taurin Nutritional supplement

Pro Taurin 90g (1 Piece)
Pro Taurin 90g (1 Piece)
Pro Taurin 90g (1 Piece)
Pro Taurin 90g (1 Piece)
1 Piece, 90g
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To be used as an additive when food does not contain sufficient taurine.


Taurine is a vital nutrient which is not produced in sufficient quantities in cats’ bodies. In order to meet your cat’s taurine needs, simply add a small amount of Pro Taurine to its food every day. Pro Taurine is odourless and flavourless and does not affect the taste of cat food.


Dogs produce their own taurine. Cats only produce small amounts which is why they must be given taurine as part of their diet.


Free from fillers and emulsifiers.


Feeding recommendation

Cats: 200 - 500mg of taurine per day, mixed into

Dog: to be used as required


The enclosed measuring cup (level) holds
250 mg taurine.





Analytical components:

100 % crude protein

    0 % crude fat

    0 % crude fibre

    0 % crude ash



Our company (Provital GmbH) is certified organic by BCS Öko Garantie GmbH (DE-ÖKO-001) and certified by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH according to ISO-9001.


Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats





Analytische Bestandteile

100 % Proteine, 0 % Fettgehalt, 0 % Rohfaser, 0 % Rohasche

Feeding recommendation

Katze: Täglich 200 - 500 mg Taurin unter das Futter

Hund: nach Bedarf verfüttern

Der beiliegende Messbecher (glattgestrichen) fasst
250 mg Taurin.


Ergänzungsfuttermittel für Hunde & Katzen


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