Pro Katzenspielkissen With valerian scent

Pro Katzenspielkissen (1 Piece)
Pro Katzenspielkissen (1 Piece)
1 Piece
8.57 €


Valerian pillow for cats


Your cat will love this play pillow! The play pillows are hand-finished with attractive embroidery and filled with spelt, valerian root and catnip.


The scent of valerian is known to be amazingly appealing to cats and ensures total relaxation for your feline friend.


Anifit tip:

We recommend that you allow your cat to play with the play pillow for a few hours at a time (approx. 2-4 h). Then place it back into the film pouch and bring it out again a few days later. This ensures that your cat is always delighted to play with its fragrant pillow.


Product information

Pillow. 15x15x3.5 cm